An ILEFA project, for all UConn students.

Where our data comes from
Since UConn does not publicly expose an API of any sorts to retrieve course data, we built an npm package called Husky that allows anyone to query this information. Husky works by scraping the course catalog to compile the relevant information about courses. For more information, see the linked GitHub repository below.

Search Modifiers
A search modifier is a term that is prepended with a plus sign - they may be chained together, and may be used as an entire search query by themselves; for example, just typing in +w will list every course that is marked as having a writing competency. Likewise, you can chain them together, so typing in +ca1 +ca4 will list every course that covers both Content Areas 1 and 4. Additionally, you can use a keyword and modifier together to get even more accurate results. For example, typing anth +ca2 +ca4 will list every single course under ANTH, and then filter the results out to only contain Content Area 2 and 4.

The following terms are valid search modifiers - hover over any of them to see what they do.
ca1 ca2 ca3 ca4 ca4int lab w q e g ug

The Numbers
It's no secret that Cobalt handles a lot of data while serving requests - so we thought it would be cool to pair this data with our snapshot dataset in order to visualize this data semester-by-semester.

Neither ILEFA Labs, nor Cobalt are affiliated with, or endorsed by the University of Connecticut.
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